Smart Affiliates Of Zeek Rewards Review Frequently Asked Questions Quite Often To Stay On Top Of Things

These are currently the most frequently asked questions at Zeek Rewards. They created an FAQs section on the website that you can find down at the bottom on the left-hand side of the ZeekRewards home page. To constantly improve the program for us affiliates and to stay in compliance with the current regulations of the time the company makes changes to the program quite often.

Although I copy-and-pasted the FAQs onto this page on 11-09-2011, these may not be the most up-to-date answers to these question. Please refer to the actual website as they make the corrections to the data as they apply to the company. I will update this page as I learn about the modifications.


ZeekRewards (General)

What is ZeekRewards?

ZeekRewards is a retail profit pool. At the end of the day the company tallies up its revnue and shares 50% with all qualified Affiliates See the Get Paid page for full details. (PLEASE NOTE: To qualify for reward points you MUST place your free classified ad.


Personal Account Issues

What is the process to get my deactivated account reactivated?

Contact Support: or live support via Skype and request reactivation.

Be sure to have your backdue funds on the card you have on file (or change the card you have on file) before this upcoming Saturday.

The system will bill you one month's back due per week - then your current...until you are caught up.

For example, if you are a silver (let's say you are 2 months behind) - the system will bill you $10/week until you are current. It will bill you $10 this week, $10 next week and then your current month ($10) the week after until it catches you up completely. will bill you the saturday after the date of your renewal from that point forward. If your renewal date is the 15th of the month (which may fall on a Tuesday) it will bill you the Saturday AFTER Tuesday the 15th.

How do I use my credit card to make a payment in my back office?

Login into your back office - Click "Subscription Payment Report and Make a Payment.


Retail Profit Pool

How do I request a check from the Retail Profit Pool (RPP)?

To request a check from the Retail Profit Pool (RPP) you must first set your bid repurchase preference to something less than 100% for a percentage of your commissions to be set aside daily into "Cash Available". Once the amount in Cash Available is over $25.00 you can request a check to be sent.

How does the company share its retail profits?

Each night, after the close of the normal business day, the company takes part of the day's overall business production which can include auction sales, product sales, affiliate renewals, bid sales and other income production from our member companies and divides them among the qualified affiliates. "Qualified" means you are current in your Silver, Gold or Diamond monthly subscription and that you have purchased at least 10 VIP bids. You must also place a qualifying advertisement during the preceding 24 hours to qualify to receive Cash Rewards for that day. The payout from the retail profit pool will normally be from 0.5% to 2% historically averaging about 1.2% over 90 days .

For example, Let's say you purchased 5 bids today and 50 bids tomorrow and 500 bids the next day. That means that you would be receiving daily awards based on a total of 555 points(Assuming you gave away your 555 bids). If the award was 1.5% you would be paid $8.32. If your Repurchase Preference was set to 100% then you would see your VIP Point Balance increase from 555 to 563 points(Assuming you give your 8 bids away). Remember that all VIP points will retire from your account 90 days after purchase.

Are the VIP points we earn converted to dollars in a 1:1 ratio at the time of withdrawal or are they converted at a different rate like 2:1 or 5:1, etc?

Points arent dollars- they are points and cannot be withdrawn. You earn awards based on points. Awards are dollars. When you earn a daily award of $100 - you earn $100. If your system is set to repurchase at (for the sake of this example) 80% and you withdraw 20% - on a $100 award you would be repurchasing 80 VIP bids that when given away to customers would earn you 80 VIP points. You would have $20 in your cash available to do with what you choose.

Why arent my VIP bids showing up in my Retail Profit Pool after I make a VIP bid purchase?

In order to receive VIP points you must first give away your VIP bids to your customers.



Where do I create a SolidTrustPay account?

You can create an account at and click on "Sign UP for Your FREE Account Today!" in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Which account do I create on SolidTrustPay?

You can choose a Personal or Business Account. If you are selling a product or service, running a business or registering the account in the name of a company or business, then choose the Business Account. Most people who are shopping, sending gifts, or receiving commissions from an online program, only need a Personal Account. Put a checkmark next to the desired account type and click SUBMIT

What username should I use?

Merchants and other members will recognize you, and send or receive payments to, your USERNAME, so choose one wisely. examples:

Earn4Today= good username
LBHawkins= good username

How do I contact SolidTrustPay customer support?

You can contact a member of SolidTrustPays' customer support team by visiting


2x5 Matrix

What is a qualified rep?

A qualified rep is an affiliate who has sponsored two preferred customers.

What are matrix "qualifiers"?

Answer : The "Qualifiers" mean - whether an affiliate has personally sponsored anyone, and those qualifiers are indicated by PV.

What is PV?

PV is personal volume that is tied to your personal subscription level and those you sponsor. You can see how much PV you currently have by looking at your sponsorship report in the back office.

How do I get paid out in the matrix?

In order to be paid in the matrix you need a minimum of two preferred customers that gets you paid on your 2x5. Three preferred customers gets you a matching bonus on level 5, four preferred customers gets you a matching bonus on level 10, five "qualified reps" gets you a matching bonus on level 15, and 6 "managers or higher" gets you a share of the sr. exec pool.

How can I check my rank and my personals rank?

You can check your rank and your personals rank in your Sponsorship Report in your back office.

How do matching bonuses work?

At Zeek - we do our matching bonuses a little differently. We do not believe in penalizing our qualified affiliates by only matching the income of those in their matrix. Our matching bonus works this way: If you qualify for Level 5 Matching Bonus - its as if every filled spot on level 5 is currently qualified at YOUR RANK & TITLE. So if You are an Executive - you are paid a matching bonus on every 2x5 of the affiliates on your Level 5 as if THEY were ALSO an Executive.

What is a preferred customer?

A preferred customer is a Silver, Gold, or Diamond Affiliate who has purchased a minimum of 10 VIP bids.



Where can I purchase the 5cc?

You can purchase the 5cc in your Give Free Bids section of your back office.

Is the 5cc optional?

Yes the 5cc is optional.

How does the billing work in the 5cc?

5cc billing occurs in $10 increments when it bills to your credit card. If you purchased 6 customers thus far - it will bill you $20 for 10 customers and your next 4 are pre-paid.

5cc credit card billing (after initial subscription purchase of your first 5 for $10) will only occur if and when you have no customers to give bids to and no cash available or subscription commissions to bill against.

5cc (and standard $2.50) customer purchases occur when you are automatedly giving bids to the company pool for distribution to your customers (and receive points in the VIP Profit Pool for doing so) and have no customers to give those bids to.

If you do not have customers for the pool to distribute your bids to, you will be billed for more customers and placeholders for those customers will be added until it is your turn in line in the company www rotator, when a real customer is placed in your sponsorship report that fills the placeholder.

With the 5cc do I still need to market

The 5cc and rotators have not been put in place to REPLACE your own marketing and customer acquisition efforts, only to enhance them and to avoid stalls in your growth. We have thousands of affiliates in the rotation to receive customers. You should be using the 5cc as a safety net, not your only method of customer acquisition.

You can save a great deal of money and make more money in commissions (and avoid delays) by getting your own customer registrations for free. This is the power and beauty of network marketing. Go to your friends, family, co-workers and other contacts and ask them to register free and receive free bids to use in the auctions.

My 5CC billing was declined and deactivated, what do I do?

You must re-enter a new card number(even if it is the same card number you previously used)

How can I change my credit card being billed for the 5cc?

You can change/update your 5cc credit card on file by clicking Give Free Bids 5cc Billing Statement Click Here if youd like to update your 5CC credit card

Why is my 5cc billing me for more customers when I havent recieved the first 5 I purchased in my sponsorship report?

The customers will appear in your back office as they become available. Your account will automatically give the bids to the pool for these customers, giving you the points immediately whether they are in your sponsorship report or not.

How will purchasing customers be beneficial to me?

If you do not have customers to give your bids to you cant get the points for those bids added to your VIP balance so that you can earn awards on those points.

Can I use SolidTrustPay or AlertPay to subscribe to the 5cc?

No, at present you can only use a Debit/Credit Card to subscribe to the 5cc.


Back Office Pop Up

Why is there a pop up that shows up in my back office?

The pop-up was implemented due to the inefficiency of email notifications and so many of our affiliates worldwide missing critical posts, news and updates.


Bid Advance

How do you increase bid advance?

You can increase your bid advance by signing up customers. Once the user creates an account the company bid pool will give the customer the amount of bids set in your bid pack samples, thus creating a bid advance.



If I have Free Bids, Purchased Retail (PennyHead) Bids and VIP Bids, in which order will they be used when I bid in the auctions?

The system is set to use your free bids first then if it is a VIP bid auction - it uses your VIP bids that have already received points first, then it will use VIP bids that were purchased on next, then it will use VIP bids that have not yet received their points (if they have not yet been given to the company pool or a customer). If it is a retail (pennyhead icon) auction then it uses free bids first, then retail bids purchased on - in that order. This bid-type selection process is totally automated and prioritized to save and preserve the bidders money and use what costs the least or expires first (or both).


Bonus Points

What are bonus points?

Bonus points are a one time sign up offer made by the company. You can join as a Free Affiliate and receive 100 Bonus points, Silver 110, Gold 150 or Diamond 200 bonus points.

When do bonus points retire?

Answer : Your original bonus points will retire out of your account after 60 days. On the 60th day your earnings on the original balance will transfer over to your VIP points, and move to a 90 day calendar. The original amount will retire.

Do free affiliates require customers to earn on their bonus points?

No, free affiliates do not require customers to earn bonus points. The only requirement is that the free affiliate post their free classified ad for


Buying Bids

What increments can bids be purchased from ZeekRewards?

On your first purchase, you can purchase as few as 10 bids and up to 10,000. After your first purchase you can purchase as few as one bid at a time.

Where do I find the bids I purchased?

You can find your bids in your Give Free Bids section of you back office. You will need to give those bids away to get the points in your Retail Profit Pool.

Can I purchase VIP bids with money in my cash available?

Yes. Go into your Retail Profit Pool Report and Click on "Cash Available" in the blue box, and click on the link that reads "Click Here to buy VIP bids with Available Cash" and follow the prompts.

What payment options are available for purchasing VIP Bids?

Credit/Debit Card
Bank Wire for large amounts of $5000-$10,000 (Contact Affiliate Services in your back office)
Alert Pay
Solid Trust Pay
Unpaid Matrix Commissions
Cash Available in your Retail Profit Pool

What is the max VIP bids one can purchase at one time?

You can purchase a maximum of 10,000 VIP bids for your accounts lifetime. This does not impact your bid repurchasing in the Retail Profit Pool.


Company Bid Pool

If we get a customer through our website does he or she get free bids through the company pool?

Yes, if a new customer registers on your website they will receive bids based on what you have your bid pack sample set to in your "Give Free Bids" section of your back office.

Are we automatically enrolled in the company bid pool?

Yes, when you create an account with ZeekRewards you're automatically enrolled in the company bid pool.


Daily Cash Rewards

How much do I get in cash rewards?

Daily cash rewards are typically between 1-2% daily.

What is the average daily cash reward?

The daily cash rewards average from 0.5%-2% daily.


Giving Bids Away

Do bids that are given away expire?

Yes, bids that are given away expire in 30 days.

Can bids be re-gifted if they are unused and expired?

No, bids that are given away can not be re-gifted. Once they expire, they're expired.

How do we accumulate some bids for ourselves to play in the auctions?

Purchase retail or VIP bids through These bids do NOT generate points.

How do I control how many bids per customer are given away at once?

Login into your back office, and click on the Give Free Bids section. Once youre in the give free bids section under the piece of the text that reads Company Bid Pool Status is a drop down menu that you can set your bid pack samples to. Then you click on the Update Number of Bids Given to New Customers button, and youre good to go.

Can we give VIP bids to other than first level affiliates?

No. First and second level customers on can and will received bids based on what your bid pack sample is set to in your "Give Free Bids" section in your back office.

If I upgrade my subscription level, can I give more bids to the existing customers/affiliates that I have given bids to?

Yes, when you upgrade your subscription level your max bids limitations are lifted to the new limitations of your current subscription. So if your a silver affiliate and you give 100 bids to a customer and choose to upgrade to a Gold subscription you can now give an additional 400 bids to that one customer.

Are we supposed to get any free bids from our signup if we are a premium member from Zeek Rewards?

New affiliate can only receive free bids if their upline sponsor chooses to give them bids. New affiliates do receive free bonus points. 100 Bonus points for free, 110 for Silver, 150 for Gold, and 200 for Diamond

Will we be able to tell if someone has used the bids we gave them?

No, at present you can not see if an affiliate or customer you have given bids is using them.

How does a customer or affiliate receive bids?

A customer or affiliate receives bids that are given to them in their bid banks.

If I give all my bids away, aren't I going to lose all my money?

No, when you give away bids you earn the equal amount of points in your Retail Profit Pool. 1 Bid = 1 Point. Earning points is how your VIP points balance will increase.

How many bids can a Silver Affiliate give away?

Silver Affiliates can give away a max of 100 bids to one customer.

How many bids can a Gold Affiliate give away?

A Gold Affiliate can give away a max of 500 bids to one customer.

How many bids can a Diamond Affiliate give away?

A Diamond Affiliate can give away a max of 500 bids per one customer.

Are VIP bids given away by ZeekRewards affiliates to customers retail or VIP?

Bids given away by ZeekRewards affiliates to customers become Retail Bids.


Point Retirement

What happens at the 90 day mark?

After 90 days your original VIP point balance retires out of your account, and your left with your earnings in the 90 day period. On the 91st day your first daily cash reward will retire, and on the 92nd your second daily cash reward will retire out of your account etc. Please refer to your "Point Retirement Calendar" in your back office.

What function does the 90 calendar serve?

All the 90 day calendar does is let you know which bids will retire when. It gives you a date for the 90 calendar for each amount of purchased bids that will retire in 90 days.



Is every country allowed to create an account on ZeekRewards?

No, when a user clicks the join tab and begins the registration process they will see a page that requires them to select a country that is the approved list of countries.

What purchase methods are available for joining ZeekRewards?

Credit Card/Debit Card (Processed on site)
Alert Pay
Solid Trust Pay

What are the purchase methods for monthly Affiliate Subscription Fees?

Credit/Debit Card
Alert Pay
Solid Trust Pay
Unpaid Matrix Commissions
Cash Available in your Retail Profit Pool

Once I've chosen my subscription level, what's next?

You can proceed to purchase VIP Bids in your ZeekRewards back office. Remember that ONLY VIP bids purchased in the ZeekRewards back office are eligible for the Cash Rewards program payments. Retail bids purchased on the Zeekler Penny Auction site do not qualify for Cash Rewards.

How do I link a Customer to ZeekRewards?

When the customer visits your ZeekRewards home page and clicks the Join tab their is a piece of text across the top that reads "Note: If you are already a customer of, Click Here" once they click the link and finish the registration prompts they will have their and ZeekRewards accounts tied together.

Should I introduce new contact to my Zeekler site or ZeekRewards site?

If they are looking for a business opportunity then introduce them to ZeekRewards. If they are only looking to bid on great items at great prices then refer them to Zeekler.



What is 'Stacking' and what is your policy on that?

We have a firm "no stacking" policy at Zeekler/ZeekRewards.

Definition: Stacking occurs when multiple subscribers of a household sponsor each other and purchase product from the "bottom" of the "stack" in order to earn multiple levels of commissions on their own purchases and prevent their upline sponsor from earning on the referral of said affiliate/family into the program. Stacking is strictly prohibited and anyone caught doing so will be immediately removed from ZeekRewards permanently and will forfeit all commissions, bids and awarded points. A reward of 10 compounding bids will be awarded to anyone who reports a valid and provable violation of this policy.

If multiple family members within the same household (husband, wife, daughter, son, parent) wish to become active ZeekRewards representatives, they must do so under the original sponsor who introduced the first household member to ZeekRewards.

Can I sponsor family members?

Yes, you can sponsor family members as long as they are NOT living in the same household.

If they are living in the same household they must ALL have the same sponsor, to be in compliance with ZeekRewards stacking policy.


Withdrawing Money

How do I get paid on my subscription commissions?

You can request a check, or you can be paid out through Solid Trust Pay. Whether you request a check or payment through STP you get paid on a 2 week drag.

How do I get my cash available in the Retail Profit Pool

Answer : You can request a check or be paid via Solid Trust Pay. Both work on a 2 week drag.

What is a 2 week drag?

Payments/Withdrawals take two weeks from the first Monday for fund clearance and processing. The pay date will be posted in your back office.

How long does it take for me to get my check?

We pay on a 2 week drag for risk management and funds clearance. Pay periods run from Sunday midnight to Sunday midnight and checks are cut two weeks from the Monday following.

How do I change my credit card information in my back office?

Log in to the back office, click "Subscription Payment Report" and add or change your credit card information in the field provided.

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