Revenue Sharing Sites

Online, the term "revenue sharing" or "rev share" is also known as cost per sale, and at this point in time may account for about 85% of affiliate compensation programs. It has been proven with a company called Zeek Rewards - that these types of compensation plans are not only attractive but are also highly-effective for the company involved. Although ZeekRewards was shut down by the U.S. Government that hasn't stopped people out there from taking that same rev share model and tweeking it a bit [1] E-commerce website owners/operators using revenue sharing to pay affiliates a certain percentage of sales revenues (usually excluding tax, shipping and other 3rd party cost that the customer pays) generated by customers whom the affiliate refer via various advertising methods. Another form of online revenue sharing consists in people working together and registering online in a way similar to that of a corporation, and sharing the proceeds. A third form of revenue sharing on the internet consists of enticing internet users to sign up and create content by offering a share of advertising revenue.

The kind of rev share that I am referring to here on this page is the first one, where people can come in as affiliates and "partner" with a website (company) and for doing certain tasks, meeting certain qualifications, etc.. a member, participant, can expect to get a piece of the profits.. usually on a daily basis. Daily is a key word here because this site is about "getting paid daily" online cash rewards so I won't be talking about or referring to sites that don't pay out each and every day.

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