Get paid to read, take surveys, give opinions, or even play games on the internet. Isn't that unreal?

Get paid to read emails! It sure sounds like a scam! I mean, who is going to pay you to read your emails?… Surprisingly, you can actually earn money by reading emails online, although, the earning potential is not huge. Nonetheless, there are a handful of special GPT (Get Paid to) sites that do pay people for reading advertisement emails. To be honest, the first time I heard the term “get paid to read emails”, I too was suspicious. I didn’t know how someone could make money reading emails online. Moreover, I had a hard time understanding the concept of paid emails. I mean, why on earth would a site pay you to read email!?… So, I started reading reviews and details about get paid to read emails sites to find out whether this was a scam or a legitimate way of making a few extra dollars. And when I realized how this whole thing worked, I had one of those “aha” moments.

How Does Paid To Read Emails Work?

These PTR (Paid To Read) sites are a kind of online rewards programs. They can afford to pay members for simply opening their emails and clicking on the link in the email, because each paid email is in a sense an ad from an advertiser that pays these sites to send email ads to their members. Advertisers do that in order to drive traffic to their site. PTR sites then use some of that money to pay people to become members and get paid for reading emails.

So, as you can see, reading emails and getting paid for it is not a scam. It’s just a promotional strategy for many companies and online business. The good thing is you don’t actually have to buy anything from these companies to be paid for those emails you read. You simply get paid to complete offers. And in most cases, all you have to do is click on the link in the email, so the page can opens up. That’s it! You basically get paid for doing nothing much.

Of course, you won’t get rich doing this, but getting paid for reading emails online is a good way to earn some additional money. And in this economy, every extra dollar counts.

The problem with PTR, or Paid To Read Email industry is online scammers. It’s getting harder and harder to find legit get paid to read emails programs that actually do pay their members. So, watch out for paid to read email scams. Which is why I have made this list of the best get paid to read email websites.

One thing to remember about these programs is the fact that there are actually many other ways to make money with them. You can get paid for taking surveys, signing up for free offers, playing games, shopping and more. And that makes a whole another industry called GPT (get paid to). But PTR is more focused on paid to read email offers than other GPT programs, which is why I listed these programs under PTR category.

Get Paid To Take Surveys Online

They will pay me to take surveys.. is it for real and legit? Sure, there are lots of opporunities for free top paid surveys online that will pay you for your opinion, or even paid to click sites that has boxes to check-off. Don't be fooled with the paid online surveys that want to charge you beforehand for you to be able to begin to earn money. Whether you blog, write reviews online, get paid to play games or type, click, watch tv, surf, answer questions, or whatever... how much you make will vary considerably. Do your due dilligence before you waste too much time or any amount of money on these things.

(To better understand paid survey sites, online panels and the links listed below, one would be best off reading this story's sister articles at Associated Content, titled, "An Explanation of the infamous "Get Paid For Your Opinion" Sites And Why You Never Received That IPod!" and/or "How To Legitimately Make Money Taking Online Surveys- Tips and Tricks to Make Your Online Survey Panel Membership Run More Smoothly") If you have read the prequel article to this one, you already understand the overall basics of paid survey sites, what they are, why the exist, what they pay and what they want from you. Now that you have an overview, you are now ready to successfully sign up for various web survey panels. Following is a comprehensive list of all of the survey sites I have used and enjoyed. The list, being carefully narrowed down to include only those sites from which I have received a substantial incentive, contains links from all over the web to market research companies looking to reward you for your consumer or professional opinion. This is not a full listing, as there are many many more supposed "Paid" survey sites out there but again, these here are listed because I have physically witnessed the prize merchandise or cash reward. How can I get paid to play games online in my free time?… Getting paid to play games is a dream for avid gamers, and thanks to a few different factors, today, there are many online game sites that do pay you to play games on their site. Online computer cash games have become a huge phenomenon in the past few years or so. The online gaming industry has been growing rapidly to the point where according to a World Bank study “Knowledge Map of the Virtual Economy” released in 2011, online games pulled in nearly $3 billion in 2011! What’s fascinating is that online gaming has become an income provider for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, especially in Asia where people play online games for hours upon hours, earning huge amounts of virtual currency and selling them to wealthy players in the Western world for real cash. That is why the phrase “get paid to play games” has become so popular that everyday more sites are born with the sole purpose of showing gamers where and how to make money by playing games online. In fact, online money making games are so popular that games for money is one of the most often talked about topics on Internet marketing related forums such as MoneyMakerGroup and GetPaidForum. Even ABC News publishes articles on getting paid to play games. Some people go as far as claiming they make their living by playing online cash games.

Can You Really Get Paid To Play Games Online?

We all know that you can earn rewards for playing games. But is it really possible to win money playing games online? Can you actually get paid to play video games online for free?…

Well, yes, it is entirely possible to not only win cash for playing games, but actually get paid to play games. Meaning, someone, a company, a website will literally pay you to play their online computer games.

What’s The Catch? There must be catch or something, right? I mean how else would companies let you make money online playing games on their website?…

Well, to be honest, there could be a catch depending on what kind of online money making games you are talking about. You see, there are two kind of online games that allow people to win cash: Casino style game sites and free online game sites that give out prizes.

Want to learn about how you can get paid to write blogs, give reviews, type, or even to post things online?

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