Get Complimentary Cell Phone Service
While Building Network Of Other Reps

I remember back when cell phones were the size of 2 coffee cups and it really costed to talk long-distance. Hardly anybody had one because it was too expensive and to inconvenient to carry around. Nowadays, things are a bit different. Almost everybody has one and they are getting almost affordable.

Not only has the cell phone industry changed, over the years, but so has the network marketing industry. Any product or service that you can think of.. there is probably an mlm company out there working on how to fit it into a compensation plan, it it already isn't in one. I want to tell you about a company that actually makes it so that people can get complimentary cell phone service simply by coming in as a customer and taking short surveys each day. It could be as little as 1 survey up to 7 surveys per day, but each survey is just a yes/no or a multiple chose question.

Now - that is all a person needs to to do already be in profit. Their cell phone service gets paid. Will they earn cash rewards from this? No. Do they get paid daily? Yes, but only in "cell phone service". Is there a way to make an income with this? Absolutely!!

If a person decides that it is pretty nice to have a cell phone where they don't have to pay a bill, there is a strong possibiliy that they will want to tell their friends and family about this. That is only natural, correct?

That is where things get interesting, because agents get compensated! Not just a few cents here or there, but in a really big way. You can go here to learn more about that and how OnLegacy Network works.

Taking daily surveys to eliminate your cell phone bill is a genius idea. I'm super-excited to be a part of this proggram before the masses come in and take part in this thing, too.

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